Nashlorette: The Best Nashville Bachelorette Party Guide

Nashlorette: The Best Nashville Bachelorette Party Guide

Nashlorette: The Best Nashville Bachelorette Party Guide

Nashville is the ultimate bachelorette destination full of live music, rich nightlife, and plenty of local gems. But how to do make time to see it all? We’ve put together this guide to make the process easy and help you plan the ultimate trip. 

Here are some things to consider to make the most out of your Bachelorette trip to Nashville:

  1. Where to Stay 
  2. The Best Bars 
  3. Restaurant Hot Spots 
  4. Daytime Activities  

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Where to Stay

Figuring out where to stay can often be the hardest part of planning any trip, especially if you’re flying there and aren’t familiar with local transportation. The most convenient areas we recommend include: 

Downtown: Most people who visit Nashville spend time on Broadway and it’s the perfect place to spend your nights out on your bachelorette party. Along with famous bars, there’s a lot to do within walking distance such as visiting museums and shopping at local stores. It’s a great central location that’s easy to grab a Lyft or Uber from if you’re looking to explore other parts of the city. 

The Gulch: If you want a more local feel while still being close to downtown, the Gulch is the perfect spot for you. They have over 50 restaurants ranging from casual to upscale along with the locally owned grocery store the Turnip Truck and plenty of unique boutique stores. 

East Nashville: The eastside of town is unique as it’s home to a lot of the city’s artists and musicians. If you want a truly local experience, East Nashville is a great area to rent a Bed & Breakfast or stay at a vacation rental. While you can’t easily walk to other areas from this neighborhood, it does offer plenty to do with over 100 local restaurants and over 50 local stores. 

The Best Bars 

No matter your mood or the types of drinks you’re interested in, Nashville’s bar scene provides something for everyone. Here are some of our favorites: 

On Broadway: Interested in bar hopping? Broadway is Nashville's main strip of bars and is packed with honky tonks, rooftop bars, celebrity-owned bars, and more. We recommend Nudie’s, Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa, Nashville Underground (owned by Gavin and Joey DeGraw), and Acme Feed & Seed. 

In Midtown: If you’re looking to explore an area that’s less busy and more relaxed, midtown has plenty of bars that you can easily walk to. Our go-to’s are Kung Fu Saloon, The Dogwood, Red Door, and Tavern. 

Restaurant Hot Spots 

There are so many great restaurants in Nashville that it’s impossible to try and list them all. We've gone ahead and broken down our top recommendations by area to help you find what’s most convenient for you: 


  • Downtown: The Southern or Frothy Monkey.
  • The Gulch: Biscuit Love or Milk & Honey. 
  • Hillsboro Village: Pancake Pantry or Proper Bagel. 
  • East Nashville: Cafe Roze or Sky Blue Cafe. 


  • Downtown: Sixty Vines or Church and Union. 
  • Midtown: Henley or Jasper’s. 
  • The Gulch: Sunda Nashville or Adele’s. 
  • 12 South: Bottle Cap or Josephine. 


  • Downtown: Boqueria Fifth + Broadway or Hattie B’s. 
  • Midtown: The Ainsworth or The Stillery. 
  • Germantown: Emmy Squared or Germantown Cafe. 
  • 12 South: Bartaco or Burger Up. 


  • Downtown: Merchants Restaurant or Slim + Husky. 
  • Germantown: Mother’s Ruin or Butchertown Hall. 
  • East Nashville: Butcher & Bee or Lockland Table. 
  • 12 South: Urban Grub or Epice.  

Daytime Activities 

If nights out aren’t your thing or you just need ways to break up your days, there are plenty of daytime activities that everyone will love. Here are our top choices: 

Spas: Whether you’re interested in a facial, massage, or anything else, spas are the perfect way to unwind and feel refreshed. Some of our favorite spas are Woodhouse Spa, Urban Oasis, and Rose. 

Museums: Nashville has some of the best museums for music lovers like the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the Johnny Cash Museum, and the National Museum of African American Music. If you have art lovers in your group, the Frist Art Museum has plenty of beautiful galleries to walk through. 

Nashville Tours: Pre-planned tours allow you to sit back and relax as you take in the city. At Nashlorette, our all-inclusive pub crawl will take you through downtown Nashville’s Lower Broadway entertainment district with numerous stops at iconic honky tonks and downtown staples. Not a fan of walking tours? Try a trolley tour or see downtown on a party bus! 

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At Nashlorette, we make planning your bachelorette party easy. No matter what you’re interested in, we have a variety of packages that include decorations, Nashville tours, Nashville discount tours, and more! Plus, if you don’t see exactly what you’re interested in, you can build your own custom package. We can’t wait to bring your dreams to life! 

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