Nashlorette FAQs

Nashlorette is an event planning service for bachelorette parties in the Nashville area. Our curated packages can include everything from help with where to stay to the best restaurants and activities, to transportation between events. We also include customizable merchandise we own with every package! 

We offer specifically themed packages that go well with the “vibe” of Nashville. Our bachelorettes come here for a reason, as we lean into providing packages that fit in with your style! 

That's where our four curated packages come in:

  • Trashed in Nash: Unleash your inner wild child with this party-packed itinerary.
  • Zen Bride: Find your inner peace with relaxing activities and rejuvenating experiences.
  • Basic B**:** Keep it low-key and laid-back without sacrificing the fun.
  • VIP Boujee Bride & Babes: Go all out with a luxurious bachelorette bash fit for royalty (or at least, Nashville royalty).

Don't see your perfect party reflected in these options? No problem! We also offer custom itinerary creation, ensuring your celebration is as unique as the bride herself.

We don't plan typical bachelorette parties, so therefore we cannot tell you a typical price! However, we can say for what we offer, we can start out with a price range of $300 per person and it really does depend on what is selected for your party.

Planning fees are included in the packages you select.

The party is welcome to enhance their own itinerary as they see fit once they are here. However, everything that is included in the package will be paid for in advance (other than items that must be paid for onsite, like the restaurant tab, onsite shopping with our partners, etc).

Yes we do! We have three packages to select from if that is all you want. This also comes with our event planning packages.

This is offered to add on to any package, and is included on our VIP experience!

Yes, you can do three payment installments. We do need a deposit upfront, and then all funds before your group arrives in Nashville a week prior. 

Our deposit is 100% non-refundable. We require a credit card to be held. Any cancellation or reschedule made less than 90 days prior to arrival to Nashville will result in a cancellation fee. If you begin to plan your event within 30 days of arrival, we may not be able to accommodate you fully with the packages. 

In the event of a true, unavoidable emergency or cancellation of the party due to extenuating services, we may be able to refund you beyond the deposit.

It would be good to start 2-3 months out from the actual event. If you are in a hurry, there is always a quick express package plan which is essentially a partial itinerary.

Right here on our website! Or, send us an email at

Yes! Did you have a great experience and you want to share it with a friend? When they book with us you will receive a REFERRAL FEE! Email us at for more details.