Bachelorette Games to Complete Your Itinerary

Bachelorette Games to Complete Your Itinerary

Bachelorette Games to Complete Your Itinerary

The bachelorette party is a big step in every girls life, seeing as it is the last night out in the town with the girls as a single lady! In this quick guide, we help you complete your itinerary and make the party fun, crazy, and totally memorable with these bachelorette games!

  1. Do You Know The Bride? 
  2. PowerPoint Night
  3. Selfie Challenge 
  4. Bridal Bingo
  5. Drunk Jenga

Do You Know The Bride?

How well do you really know the bride-to-be? Test your knowledge with this creative drinking game. The more questions you answer right, the more your bride has to drink. 

Step 1: If you’ve been tasked with planning duties, gather a stack of flashcards to write multiple questions (and answers) relating to the bride. 

Step 2: Have the girls pull a random number to determine the order in which each girl gets a turn to answer a question. Once everyone has had a chance to answer, start over with the first girl. 

Step 3: Run through the flashcards until no questions are left. 

Make sure your questions are fun and creative. Avoid anything personal - we don’t want the bride to have a bad night! 

Plan the perfect bachelorette party with Nashlorette by shopping our list of bachelorette games to help build your itinerary. 

PowerPoint Night

What started as a popular trend on TikTok, planning a PowerPoint night is simply a must for your party. With this creative game, you and the girls will pick a topic then make funny slideshows full of your opinions, presenting them to each other. There’s a wide variety of topics to choose from, so get creative! Our recommendations? Rank your exes, compare outfits, or present a “hot take” with blunt honesty. Laugh (and learn!) with your group of ladies. 

Selfie Challenge 

Split up into teams and challenge each other with this fun selfie game! Create a list of photo challenges that each team has to complete within an agreed upon time frame. This list can include tasks such as taking photos with another bachelorette party, taking a selfie with a DJ, a selfie with something blue, etc. To make it even more fun, we recommend buying a polaroid printer and using your selfies to create a scrapbook for the bride-to-be! 

Bridal Bingo

If you’re looking for an entertaining way to kick off the evening, try a game of “bridal bingo.” With bridal bingo, you and your girls will print a list of fun facts about the bride and groom in a random numerical order. Then, acquire printable bingo cards and fill each space randomly with those fun facts. In a bowl, bucket, or anything on hand, the host will pull a number and read the corresponding fact! This game is a great way to learn some fun tidbits you may not already know.

Drunk Jenga

Play a classic jenga game, but make it boozy! Write different commands on one side of your jenga pieces where nobody can see, then when players pull out a block, they must do whatever task was written! This can include things like taking a shot, giving a shot, or a silly dare (like singing a Taylor Swift song, for example). The last player to make the tower fall gets the punishment of finishing ALL of the remaining drinks from the players around the table! 

Plan Your Bachelorette Itinerary With Nashlorette 

Bachelorette parties are a great way to celebrate the soon-to-be bride in style. Take away the stress of planning and leave the itinerary to Nashlorette! See our complete list of bachelorette party packages (or make your own!) to bring her dreams to life.

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