Nashlorette is an all inclusive luxury bachelorette party planning service that focuses solely on bach parties held in Nashville, TN. We have over 10 years of event experience and produce intimate and larger than life events. If you are going to have a bachelorette party Nash-Vegas is the place to do it - we have it all from the music, the food, the Southern Charm, the dancing and the nightlife! We love our city and we have a tight knit network of great Nashville vendors who we work closely with to make your experience exactly what you  have waited for!

From Party Guests to Your Bachelorette BACH BESTIES: The Nashlorette Story

We've all been there: bridesmaids drowning in the tidal wave of details while trying to plan an epic bachelorette party. The pressure to please the bride, cater to everyone's tastes, and stay within budget can feel like herding cats in stilettos.

That's why Nashlorette was born. As seasoned wedding party veterans (read: we've been there, partied there, planned there!), we saw the desperate need for a stress-free solution for crafting the perfect send-off for the bride-to-be.

 We truly believe in stress-free celebrations, we're on call 24/7 during your Nashville stay. So ditch the drama, ditch the spreadsheets, and let Nashlorette handle everything. We're more than just planners - we're your built-in Bach besties ready to make your Nashville trip one for the record books!

Let us plan the trip, so you can sit back and dip!

Let's party!

Meet the Nashlorettes

Courtney Cost, The Bach in Charge

Courtney has 15+ years of experience producing live events, shows, and digital content. She has worked with celebs, brides-to be & influencers. She wants to become part of your squad and make your dream bachelorette visions a reality.

Courtney, a seasoned event planner and wedding guest, loves crafting unique bachelorette experiences that take the stress off of you. Sit back, sip, and let her handle the planning!

Sarah Nester, Event Planner

Sarah Nester has been planning luxury weddings, events and celebrations for 10+ years. Since her first passport stamp, she has had a passion for traveling the world and trying every local dish and drink. She has been all over the world, and feels very lucky to have settled in fabulous Nashville with its southern hospitality and bustling tourism industry.

Sarah has a passion for giving people the best experience possible, because she believes life is too short to not have a great time. She can't wait to plan your bachelorette party!