How to Plan a Bachelorette Party Away

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party Away

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party Away
Whether you are the bride, sister of the bride, or the maid of honor planning a bachelorette party guide away-from-home, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. You’re coordinating travel dates and transportation, scoping out activities and hotels, and making reservations, all while thinking about cost. But most of all, you just want everything to come together smoothly!

Girl, make this easier on yourself. You need a bachelorette weekend itinerary! An itinerary will not only benefit your planning purposes but also the ladies who will be attending. Without it, you might find things unraveling at one – or both – ends.

Think about it: No one wants a weekend that feels thrown together or rushed, and your bachelorette party will appreciate knowing how to pack and what is happening when.

So, here are five tips for planning a successful bachelorette party away-from-home while, simultaneously, gathering all the details for a helpful weekend itinerary!
  • The Factor That Can Make or Break Your Weekend
  • Establish A Reasonable Timeframe
  • Break It Down By the Day
  • Build Time-Cushions Into the Weekend
  • Put All the Details On Paper

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The Factor That Can Make or Break Your Weekend

Do you have a destination (Hey there, Nashville!) and a specific weekend in-mind? Both of these details are important for one specific reason: The people who can make it can make or break your weekend and determine what you plan for the weekend, overall.

Ask your closest friends first (in separate text messages, mind you) to make sure the people you want there can travel that weekend, and how long they can stay. Once you gather an estimated headcount of guests, you can begin to book hotel accommodations and plan the rest of the party!

Establish A Reasonable Timeframe

Do you have a window of time to work with? What is the soonest you plan to arrive, or the latest you can stay? You want to establish a reasonable timeframe you can work within, and drawing a definitive timeline can help you to look at the bigger picture.

For example, if you know you will be catching a flight back home on Sunday morning, maybe a late night pub crawl is not the best idea! Instead, you might plan a Nashville pub crawl that starts Saturday at brunch, with a burlesque show in the evening. Trust us, we’re not telling you to cut-out any of the fun!

Break It Down By the Day

When is everyone traveling? What activities would you like to do that are at specific times or require a ticket purchase? Do certain restaurants require reservations? As you consider all of these questions, list the details with their corresponding days. Then, you can shuffle things around, if needed, so that no one day is too strenuous.

Here is a scenario: Say you and your guests will be arriving at various times on Friday evening. You might not want to schedule a group outing that night, but you can still plan! You might instead go for a more relaxed activity like cocktails on the hotel roof or ordering a charcuterie board for the room. This way, everyone can join as they arrive but not feel rushed!

Build Time-Cushions Into the Weekend

If Saturday is the big day when everyone will be present, you might make brunch reservations, book an afternoon tour, and make plans for an evening show! While this might be the best day to maximize the time you have with your bachelorette party, don’t forget to build time-cushions or slower moments into the day for changing, makeup touch-ups, power naps, and perhaps some alone time!

One example might be a relaxed, informal lingerie shower in the hotel room during a break from exploring town. Another example of a time-cushion can be the weekend’s departure time. If you let your guests know you will be in the cafe next door to the hotel from 9-11 a.m. for brunch on Sunday, some may drop in quickly on their way out to catch their flight, while others who won’t leave until the afternoon can have more quality time with you.

Put All the Details on Paper

So you have the dates, the accommodations, and a timeline! The signature bachelorette activities are booked! Now, it’s time to put everything on paper – either digitally or physically – and share with your girlfriends. You might prefer mailing your guests a weekend itinerary, or you can easily find design templates online that you can text to your guests in an instant.

You can include everything from the event times to the hotel details and outfit ideas (e.g. comfy shoes and cute outfit for pedal tavern, dressy outfit for Saturday’s dinner). Trust us, your guests will sing your praises for all the time and effort you put into this!

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